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David Lindsay
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Banking Insights November 26, 2012

Banking Insights

JOOB was proud to be a key sponsor at the annual FST Media Technology and Innovation Conference this month in...

Monthly Archives: May 2012

Engaging Tomorrow’s Generation, Brings Benefits Today – the multiple opportunities mobile offers Financial Services.


Speaking to the owner of a boutique Sydney wealth management company recently I asked him what his greatest challenge was for the business. His response “engaging with my clients’ children”. Until recently I didn’t appreciate the colossal transfer of wealth that will occur in Australia over the next 15 years ($400b according to a 2010 Bankwest report). This owner-operator, like many wealth management firms, had built his company on reputation and relationships. The right school, the right network, combined with a proven track record. But why should his $10m dollar net-worth clients children choose to invest their inheritance with him instead of the private wealth division of the bank they have used since their first pocket money deposit?

Mobile as a channel not only provides an opportunity to engage with this next generation, but reengage with time poor executives that are bombarded with ‘weekly newsletters’. A recent Google “Our Mobile Planet: Australia” survey showed that 83% of people use their smartphones to communicate (emails/networking sites) and 49% to stay informed (read newspapers, information portals). Interestingly, 22% of interviewees were 45+ years old.

The early movers are already using mobile devices to assist advisors to engage with prospective clients. Philadelphia-based Brinker Capital launched it’s Absolute Return Mixer in April 2012, a well-designed and simple app tool that assists advisors to shape the conversation with new clients. It is also a way of hooking in new clients, by forcing them to register through their website if they want to see their AR Mixer results. San Francisco-based Personal Capital, a new venture by former PayPal CEO Bill Harris, has taken a different approach launching a highly transactional app that blurs the lines between tradition banking apps (think: expense tracking, fund transfers) with wealth management bread and butter (think: market insights, portfolio tracking). The strategy; a large number of consumers who download the Personal Capital app for expense tracking, fund transfers, mum/dad-type investing will then turn to one of their financial advisor when their wealth grows and expertise/management assistance is sought.

Closer to home, the insurance and banking industries have embraced this trend. MLC, St George, TAL are examples of significant industry players that have all launched internally focused apps to assist their salesforce in the field. After all, do you think your client is more likely to notice a push notification providing market insight while in a taxi checking their portfolio balance from your app or pick out an email newsletter amongst the other 300 sitting in their inbox?

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Infographic: “Let Them Eat Cake” – The Power of Mobility and BYOD.

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Financial Services Innovation Breakfast, Competing on Customer Experience.

We recently held the JOOB Financial Services Innovation Seminar in Sydney with the purpose of starting a dialogue for the changing needs of our customers in the financial services industry. Discussions at the event revolved around a common theme: the industry can no longer afford to compete with their competitors on products and price alone – they need to compete on customer experience, namely through new channels like smartphones and tablets.

The room was abuzz with company executives from across many of Australia’s top banks and financial services companies who are in various stages of enhancing the mobile experience for their customers.

Some well-known experts in the financial services industry presented to attendees, one such expert was Andrew Murrell, General Manager of Digital and Social Marketing at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the country’s largest bank.

Andrew offered some fantastic insights and in-depth analysis of how banks can use technology like smartphones and tablets to enhance the customer experience, giving examples of a couple of CBA’s mobile banking applications, including its revolutionary Kaching app.

Andrew also talked about how Australian consumers have changed, and that banks can no longer afford to rely solely on their internet banking websites to engage with customers – they must make the customer banking experience mobile, and interact with customers through mobile devices.

In addition, we also heard from Australian JOOB customer and ClearView Wealth Limited Managing Director, Simon Swanson. Simon spoke about why customer experience matters for financial services companies, particularly for a challenger brand in the wealth management and insurance industry like ClearView. One such way ClearView aims to distinguish itself from the competition and challenge bigger brands is to be a leader in experience – for customers, staff and partners – at anywhere, anytime, through a fully integrated customer experience platform.

In order to do this, the company had to tackle the problem of its legacy systems, separate systems, and of course, multiple devices its staff, partners and customers use to connect. Simon detailed how the company has managed to overcome these problems by implementing an integration layer to its systems, powered by JOOB. The integration layer now allows ClearView’s customers, partners and staff to now seamlessly access its Adviser and Wealth Portals, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

“It really hammered home just how much consumer behaviour is changing, and that financial services companies cannot afford to get left behind. It is now imperative that firms have a road map for the future, for modern, mobile financial services customer experiences.”

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